07 March 2012

Let's hear it for the rainbow tour!, it's been an incredible success...

Okay, so these tasty little morsels have nothing whatsoever to do with Argentina, Eva Peron or her 1947 European Tour, but they're just so delightfully colourful that Lloyd-Webber's song sprang to mind. 

We were at Whangamata a couple of weeks ago and Emma was busy in the kitchen, chopping, cutting, slicing and dicing.  When I inquired as to what she was doing, I was told she was preparing 'summer rolls' - little Thai-style rice paper spring rolls.  They were so fresh and light, the platter was empty within minutes of its arrival on the table outside.  So good, they were, that KB and I made them again the following night...

rice paper - comes in packets like wraps, found in asian section of supy
finely chopped red onion, capsicum, red cabbage, lettuce
shaved carrot (use vege peeler)
coriander and mint
garlic, finely diced
  1. Prepare veges, set aside in bowls ready for assembly. 
  2. Saute prawns in butter and garlic.
  3. If preparing rolls on kitchen bench, have warm water running.  Otherwise keep a dinner plate filled with warm water alongside (keep replacing the water, it needs to be warm).  Wet both sides of rice paper wrap, place on assembly surface. 
  4. Load up the wrap with your fillings (don't overload though, or you won't be able to roll it!) - we started with lettuce, then on from there. 
  5. Roll bottom up over fillings, then top, side and roll to last side.  Place on serving platter and repeat, repeat, repeat. 
For the dipping sauce mix together: (keep tasting, to get how you like it)

soy sauce
fish sauce
sesame oil
sweet chilli sauce
lemon juice
finely chopped coriander

NB: Obviously you can use whatever fillings you like, or have to hand - try chicken, salmon, or perhaps even slices of cream cheese.  Apologies for the photo of the finished product - they got eaten so fast, the only one left was the slightly bung-looking first attempt. 

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