22 June 2012

Hot shots, part deux

It's pie time again, but this time of the individual variety.  Over the weekend I made the chicken pie for my Mum, who'd come to stay for a couple of nights.  Wasn't too sure how Harry would take to it, not being a big fan of sauces/gravies etc.  But as we all know, kids will never cease to surprise you, and he loved it.  And asked if I could make it again the next night.  We compromised, left it a few nights, and changed chicken for mince, but the result - winner!  This time the pies were made in wee ramekins, rather than a large pie dish (partly because I only had 2 sheets of pastry left, rather than the 3 required for a large pie), and to be honest I think I preferred them that way.  Remember to spray the ramekins and prick the bottom of the pastry, to ensure even cooking.  I've been informed that we're having the mini-pies again soon, with the chicken filling.  Always happy to serve! 

For the mince filling I just did a kid-friendly bolognese (so no tandoori paste or harissa or anything).  This time I used:

500 g mince
1 onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely diced
1 tbsp sugar
couple handfuls mushrooms, very finely chopped (to disguise them...)
salt and pepper
splash of red wine
1 tbsp worchester sauce
dollop sweet chilli sauce
1 tin tomatoes
  1. Fry onions, garlic, salt and pepper in a little oil.  Add mince and brown (you may need a little more oil). 
  2. Sprinkle over a little sugar, stir into mince. 
  3. Add 'shrooms, wine and sauces.  Stir to coat mince. 
  4. Add tomatoes, combine, and leave on low to simmer away for a while (ideally an hour), stirring occasionally. 
  5. Spoon into pastry, top with pastry, brush with egg and bake for 20 minutes or so (until pies golden. 
You will have a good amount of mince left over so either make lots of pies (I only made 4), or use it for a spag bol the following night.  You can also freeze the bolognese, for next time you want to make pies. 

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