21 January 2014

The best of both worlds - summer mixer # 1

Happy new year, mes amis!  It's been a while since I've blogged anything, but hey - it's summer, and blogging about BBQs, whilst tasty, would become a trifle staidThough hey, trifle - merry Christmas too! 

It's back to work time of the summer now (or it was a couple of weeks ago), so meals have to be simple, and light ('cause it's been bloody hot people!!).  We love fish, and it's perfect for hot nights, especially when time, or energy, is of the essence.  

The other night we had some trevally left over from the night before, but not really enough for another meal for two.  So, out came from prawns from the freezer and I was thinking either panko crumbed, or pop the two into a tasty seafood curry.  Well, step aside boring ol' One-Dish-Fisher, make room for Seafood-Two-Ways-Britton.  Why have only one, when you can have both?  Good idea KB - a prawn green curry, with panko crumbed fish bites as a garnish.  It was brilliant.  Not rocket science, but brilliant all the same.  See - that's how you cook in summer - take the tried and true, and mix it up a bit.  Watch this space for the next summer mixerNom nom nom...

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