17 June 2015

Teriyaki tastiness + miso mash

I follow a couple of food blogs myself, 'cause you never know where inspiration will come from, or when it'll strike.  Jane Rangiwahia, a family connection, writes 'Reka Food' and has some amazing meals on there.  Usually very straight forward ones too, which is key on a weeknight.  Yesterday morning I saw her idea for a teriyaki chicken with miso mash and thought, yep, that's us sorted for tonight.  

The teriyaki chicken was excellent, I really enjoyed it and will be making it again.  And again, and again.  The miso mash was nice, but to be honest I think next time I'll just have kumara, or potato/pumpkin mash unadulterated by the miso.  I added some miso into the teriyaki marinade too, so perhaps it was just a bit of overkill?  

Follow the link to Jane's Reka Food for the teriyaki marinade - I added a couple of teaspoons of miso paste, and a chopped spring onion from our garden.  Also, I swapped chia seeds for the cornstarch, and it worked well.  Didn't really get thick, but coated the chicken well and got nicely sticky in the oven.  Also, I added the sesame seeds about ten minutes before I removed the chicken from the oven, so they were lightly toasted.  Enjoy!!  

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