25 July 2016

Pavlova - need I say more?

Pavlova is a kiwi icon, as much a part of our national psyche as jandals, rugby and the buzzy bee.  It's featured on stamps, for goodness sake, and no Christmas season would be complete without at least one serving (and leftovers for breakfast, if you're really lucky).  

My Mum has always made a kick-ass pav.  I've never actually gotten around to making one (leave it to the expert, is my excuse), but while watching Mum whip a couple up on Sunday (she was making them for her fellow staff at school, best morning tea shout EVER) I thought that perhaps it was time I wrote out her recipe, and shared the love with you all.  Recipes abound in NZ, but they're all a variation on the theme of meringue, cream and awesomeness.  

6 egg whites (I'd use the yolks for an omelette, or as a treat for our dog)
2 cups sugar
4 heaped dessert spoons cornflour
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp vinegar
1/4 cup boiling water
whipped cream and fruit/chocolate for topping
  1. Beat all together until thick.  Arrange on lined baking tray. 
  2. Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 12 minutes then reduce to 120 and bake for further 48 minutes.  
  3. Remove from oven, and when cool dress the pav.   

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