16 April 2010


Goattastic isn't, to my knowledge, a word.  But it should be, because it says everything one needs to say, when one is talking about goat, in 10 letters.  What am I talking about, you may wonder?  Goat curry.  Wow.  This isn't a new recipe, I'm sorry to say, but rather an adaptation of an earlier one. 

Last night Bates and I cooked malaysian goat curry for ourselves, Dave and KB, and it was incredible.  We used the same recipe as the malaysian chicken curry from last week.  Only change was the type of meat, and we threw in half a red capsicum, two chillis (one red, one green) and used fresh coriander this time.  I'm definitely making that curry with goat or lamb from hereonin because, frankly, it kicked the chook's proverbial.  

So, if you're keen on the chicken curry, may I suggest you try it with lamb or, if you know a hunter, tasty young wild goat.  Goattastic.   Maaaaaaaa. 

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