10 May 2010

that ol' trout

Came to have a nice rainbow trout yesterday.  Nice sleek, slimy, shimmery rainbow trout.  Having not a lot of experience in the preperation of whole fish, I happily left that side of things to KB, who deftly decapitated the ol' boy and proceeded to score it, ready for the maximum absorbtion of flavour. 

There are endless possibilities, when one is presented with cooking a whole fish.  Do you fillet it and panfry with a little butter?  Bake it, BBQ it, grill it, eat it raw as sashimi?  We chose baking, wrapped in tin foil.  Next major decision to be made (again, almost endless possibilities) - what flavour?  That'll depend on the fish, what you have in the cupboard, and whether it's being eaten on its own, as a starter, or alongside other flavours, as part of the main meal. 

What followed was a fairly traditional way of baking fish, with slices of lemon, a few cloves of garlic and springs of fresh rosemary.  Wrapped in its cocoon of aluminium it was done in mere minutes (probably ten).  Being wary the bones we proceeded to attack its tender flesh with forks, demolishing the lot very quickly.  So simple, but so good.  Would've been nice with some salad and tomato relish too.  Next time!! 

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