30 October 2015

Got milk?

It's about time I got a new post out.  Have been a bit slack lately, though in my defence I had my wisdom teeth out last month, so wasn't eating for a while, therefore not really much fodder (ha ha, pun) for bloggery.  This one's not a recipe, but a discovery of a fantastic local product which I think is worth sharing.

Anyhoo...  Last weekend we went and stayed with brother- and sister-in-law.  They buy raw milk from a guy just out of town.  Organic, raw milk.  That will either sound heavenly or horrible, but OMG if it's the latter, give it a try.  Amazing!  I would have expected it to taste great, but also to come with a great price tag.  Nope, same price as the supermarket for a 2L ($3.50).  So, I went online and found a place near to us which sells the same.  There's a list on Cottage Crafts of numerous places around NZ who sell raw milk.  Our guy, just out of Pirongia, is certified organic and the litre I bought this morning was milked this morning.  Can't beat that, really.  And it's soooo yum.  Up here it cost me $4 for two litres, so a fraction more costly (plus the cost of the drive to get it, I suppose), but totally worth it.  

So, if you're keen to find some kick ass milk in your area, check out the website.  You may be surprised how many places there are.  Good, local tastiness.