21 October 2016

Gonna party like it's 1999

Finn went to a birthday party last weekend -his first at a mate's house.  Tammy had made a plethora of nibbles and party food (you can NEVER have too much party food, especially kids' party food!), and amongst the cheerios, asparagus rolls, fruit kebabs and mini pies were something I'd never seen before, but as soon as I saw them I recognised Tammy's work as being genius - mini american hotdogs!!  If you've seen/made these before, then bear with me, but I was like 'whoa, best idea EVER!'.  

So...  par-cooked dinner rolls (the pack had 12, so as many packs as you need hotdogs)
cheerios (enough for one per roll, plus a few extra, 'cause they're great solo)
tomato sauce
mustard (american style in squeezey bottle will work best)

I don't think you really need me to give you a step-by-step methodology, so will leave it here, except to say don't cook the rolls as much as you would if using as dinner rolls - you want them to be soft rather than golden crusty.  See also the following link, for some more cool ideas - fairy bread V2.0!!  

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