02 March 2010

Please pass the goat

Having spent the weekend in Wellington (and thus away from my beloved kitchen) I've been eating at a variety of establishments over the past few days.  Last night I went with Frank and Iva to Osteria del Toro, on the corner of Tory and Holland Streets.  I'd eaten there once before and enjoyed it, but had only eaten the tapas-y style foods.  Last night we branched out and shared a plate of slow-roasted capretto (young goat, lamb-aged I guess).  Served with roasted potatoes, whole bulbs of garlic and cipolline (wee onions) it was DIVINE!!  I honestly would never have thought goat would have me raving like this, but there you go.  All the way back to Hamilton today (an 8 hour bus trip) I found my mind slipping back to last night's feast.  Here's how one could recreate the gloriousness that was our capretto, if Wellington ain't in your pocket...

Leg of goat (or other roastable piece) - young
4 potatoes, chopped into small pieces
2 bulbs garlic (cut bottom off, but don't bother peeling)
onions, chopped up (or use small shallot-sized onions)
olive oil
large green olives
herbs of choice
salt and pepper
  1. Rub oil over meat.  Place on roasting tray.  Drizzle oil over garlic, potatoes and onions, in roasting tray too.  Salt, pepper and herb the lot.  Roast in oven at c. 100-120 degrees celcius for about 3 hours.  This may seem tedious, but slow-cooking it is worth it.  It'll be juicy and should fall off the bone easily at the end. 
  2. If it starts to cook too quickly on the outside, cover with some foil. 
  3. Serve with some olives.  Serves 2 hungry people.  :) 

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