11 March 2010

Rose rocks Masterchef NZ

My friend Rosie works for TVNZ.  A recent team-building exercise took them to the Masterchef NZ soundstage (do they call it that, in TV?), to participate in the Mystery Box Challenge.  Basically they're each given a box containing mystery ingredients and... you gotta cook 'em.  And you gotta cook 'em well, 'cause Simon Gault (uber-tough MNZ judge, he's sort of the food challenge equivilant of Simon Cowell) was there, watching like the proverbial hawk. 

Rose got duck.  DUCK.  Do you know how hard that is to cook?  Well, how hard it is to cook and make it tasty and not dry?  Tough.  But Rose rose to the occasion (sorry, couldn't help myself) and created an asian-inspired gastronomic saladial-feast! 

Asian duck salad

Duck, enough for 4 people
Cabbage, sliced finely (red or savoy is nice)
2 oranges, segmented (and chopped, if too large)
1 cup mint
red onion, chopped
oil, for deep frying

Rose started by poaching the duck and then shredded it.  This was placed upon a bed of asian salad made with cabbage, orange, mint and red onion. The taste sensation was completed by a sprinkling of crispy deep fried ginger.  Simon said he would be happy to eat Rose's salad, and that's good enough for a nellamiacucina shout-out, in my books!!  Kudos Rose! 


  1. Aw thanks! I'm impressed that you found a pic that does kind of resemble what I made! We found out just before we went into the room that they were going to film it like a real episode ("just for fun") so it will be hilarious to see when we get our hands on that.

  2. I love the Photo Rosie! Looks like it would have been great fun to do! Must catch up for a vino and maybe your duck salad soon! :)