01 November 2010

cast your votes!

In Ancient Greece votes were cast by scratching the initials of the candidates onto mussel shells.  Nowadays things are done a trifle differently, but that doesn't mean there ain't no use for the mussel...  

I'm allergic to shellfish, so it's pretty rare that I blog about anything shellfishy 'cause, to be honest, I just don't cook it.  But last night KB prepared a mussel appetiser for his parents which, I have to be honest, for the first time made me wish I could eat those little molluscs.  It looked so tasty!  Grilled mussels, in half-shell, with a fresh and light topping.  He smashed together a 2cm knob of ginger root with a handful of coriander leaves and the zest of a lemon (use a morter and pestle, or just chop it all up real fine).  This was sprinkled onto the mussels which, having been steamed open and one half of shell discarded, were sitting diligently on an oven tray.  Some parmasan cheese lightly grated on top, a drizzle of oil (really light) and grill for a couple of minutes (don't overdo or they'll be rubbery).  
I think the thing I liked most about this dish (limited, seeing as I couldn't taste it) was the way it looked.  The bright colours of the lemon zest and the coriander, against the pearly white of the mussel shell, and the darker green of the outer shell.  If you're a shellfish fiend I suggest you head to your local supy and get in the kitchen, 'cause this was a winner. 


  1. This sounds delicious. I love mussels but for some reason never, ever cook them...even though they're pretty cheap...love the sound of the lemon and ginger in this.

  2. You should definitely try it - it's great when interesting and yum foods are cheap eh? Squid's another goody!