21 February 2011

green peppercorn sauce

I never used to eat a lot of steak, for no reason other than I had it in my head that it was difficult to cook.  Well, once a steak-loving flatmate blew that piece of crapola out the window (thanks Kate!) I discovered a whole new food-love.  But steak on its lonesome can be a bit plain (unless it's eye fillet, or venison - these require nothing but slight cooking) and a couple of sauces can be the difference between an amazing, but easy, at-home meal, and the kind of steak and chips you might get at the local tavern.  Mushroom sauce (slowly break down shrooms in butter) is a winner, but so is a green peppercorn.  It's an age-old combo, and once you taste it you'll see why. 

1 tbsp green peppercorns (crushed a little with a tiny bit of oil)
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
2 tsp HP sauce (or BBQ)
1 tbsp cream
1.5 tbsp water
  1. Mix all ingredients together, serve with steak and salad (or chips, for the classic french steak and frites!). 

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