20 April 2011

winter warmers #3, a.k.a. apologies to the village chicken, again

Last night was one of those more balmy autumnal evenings, when you almost think you might like to sit outside in a singlet.  Hmmm, maybe not.  But casseroles and the like take a seat on the back burner for a bit, making way for something a little lighter, but still warming - stuffed chicken breasts.  About a year ago I gave a jar of Sabato (Julie le Clerc) harissa to KB, 'cause he's into his spice.  We demolished that quick smart, discovering just how versitile the hot little paste is.  Last night he whipped up one of my new favs (using a subsequent jar of harissa, obviously) - baked chicken breast stuffed with harissa and cream cheese.  A good dollop of each is needed per piece of chook (which he sliced through the centre, to stuff).  We served it alongside oven-baked kumara chips and BBQed zucchini and cobs of corn.  Yum - summeryish, but warming enough to last into autumn.  One of the yummiest meals we eat, that harissa is GOLD! 

Fancy harissa, like the Sabato, can be found in various deli stores, but it don't come cheap.  Indian and general Asian groceries usually have it, often several brands, of varying degrees of spiciness.  You can make your own too, though that's an endeavour better left for summer, when capsicums, tomatoes and the like are abounding.  I'll hunt out my recipe and pop that up.  Enjoy the weekend! 

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