05 April 2011

seven deadly sins

Okay, only one, and not deadly, but i've committed the cardinal sin of bloggery - I've left it close on a whole month between blog posts.  I do, however, have an excuse.  Whether or not it's a good one is subjective, but it's all I have.  I went to Australia for a week (including Paddy's Day, which is always going to take over the priorities), have been away at the beach for another week, therefore requiring a month's worth of work and study to be crammed into two weeks.  So, little time for recipe-hunting or experimenting, let alone writing about it in my egomaniacal manner. 

I have had some pretty tasty foodie treats though, which I will share, by way of peace offering.  My olive branch, to use a vaguely food-related analogy.  If you're ever in Melbourne, go to Noodle Box, on the quay along the riverside - AMAZING.  And Gordon Ramsay's Maze is a lot of fun too - small portions, but very very tasty and presented like you're in a fancy TV cooking show.  Very la di da, with great wines to match (even some kiwi pinots and sauvs). 

I promise to be back with a little more before too long, there's a fejoia loaf I'm keen to try, so keep your eyes on here over the next few days...  A bientot! 


  1. Nice pics Fish!
    I must say I have been checking regularly to see your next post! It has been a while! What was the dish in the last photo? Looks really yum and rather pleasing on the eye!
    Looking forward to the fejoia loaf recipe! E xxxx

  2. It was really yum! It was baby beetroot on goats curd, drizzled with a balsamic reduction (or a little vin cotto) and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. YUM!!!