12 April 2013

Return to Tongariro

Catching up with friends over a morning coffee, I hate to go empty-handed.  So last night I thought, hmmm, perhaps I'll whip up another carrot cake.  This thought was almost immediately discarded as unrealistic for a busy Friday morning.  Perhaps just a good ol' chocolate or vanilla cake?  Nope.  Finn had other plans for our morning, and they included more him eating than me baking.  Okay, plan C.  Chocolate.  Chocolate brownie
Chocolate brownies are awesome.  They taste wicked, are easy to make and I don't think I've ever some across a single person who doesn't like them.  Really, brownies should be my plan A.  This one is made in the microwave, so takes all of 5 minutes to cook (so about 10 minutes from start to finish).  This is a cheat post, since I've already blogged about this recipe before, but I think it deserves a second airing.  This is perfect for anyone who wants a homemade treat, but for whatever reason just hasn't the time to be faffing in the kitchen with baked goods.  Yum, and leaves you with time to get other stuff done. 

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