14 March 2017

laksa soup

I love laksa.  I've blogged about it before.  Last night I tried a different recipe, using a ready-made laksa paste, and less coconut cream (instead of 60:40 stock:coconut it was more like 80:20).  It was good - tasty, filling and with that delicious laksa aroma, but to be honest, not as good as the original.  Why am I telling you this?  Partly to share the photo, and give someone a bit of mid-week meal inspiration, and partly purely to share my opinion - less is not more, with coconut.  More is good.  More is great.  So, red curry or laksa paste, lemon or lime, three things I have learnt after last night's meal - don't reduce the amount of coconut; don't omit the lemongrass and coriander; and 50 g of vermicelli rice noodles would have been sufficient!  (I used 100 g, and whoa, that was one solid soup!).  

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