12 May 2011

mundane? maybe. amazing? yes!

Okay, garlic fries.  Hardly going to be a winning entry into Masterchef.  But it is possibly the yummest food-related discovery I've made this week (second only to the fact that last night's curry soup tastes like the laksa from Wellington's Satay Kingdom).  Most people like hot chips, and I'm no exception.  But oven-baked frozen fries from the supermarket just don't quite cut it.  I like a little oil, and a little more flavour.  So this is the perfect solution - oven-baked, then tossed with garlic-infused hot oil.  Brilliant!

1 bag frozen fries (whatever cut you like, as many as you need)
4 cloves garlic, grated finely
good glug of oil - you need enough to toss the chips with
  1. Bake chips as per instructions on packet.  I like to leave mine in for a few minutes extra, to get them really golden and crunchy on the outside.
  2. Gently heat oil in pan, add garlic and cook slowly. 
  3. Pour the oil and garlic over chips and toss to coat. 
Nb:  You don't have to use frozen chips, obviously - if you prefer, cut up some fresh ones at home.  But this is a good way to turn puha frozen muck into homemade-tasting goodness. 


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