24 September 2011

It's kaimoana time again, friends

Sunny days, daylight savings on the way.  Time for BBQs and seafood.  With the ABs playing France tonight, we've got chips and sangers for the kids, but what about us, more discerning big kids?  Perusing the wares at the local supy this arvo we settled on prawns.  Skewered.  BBQed.  Mean. 

KB's a master of tasty seafood - full of flavour, but not overpowering the delicate nature of the fodder itself.  Tonight's was tasty as usual, but with the addition of a couple of different ingredients it took on an amazing silky texture, almost creamy, and flavoursome as hell. 

Mix the following (and anything else you have to hand and feel inclined to throw in), brush over skewered prawns, and go to BBQ town.

Lemon zest (plenty plenty plenty)
Wholegrain mustard
Salt and pepper
Capers, mushed up
dash of sugar

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