06 September 2011

*teaser alert**teaser alert**teaser alert*

Right, this is just a little teaser, for Kush and Millie.  I have been terribly slack with the blog posts of late, but to be honest it's because I've just been terribly slack in the cooking arena.  Profs + work + musical theatre do not make for much spare time.  However, in an effort to remedy my slackness I got the camera out last night as we prepared a mini feast for our gastronomic senses.  So, watch this space...tastiness is a-comin'.  xx A

PS: The photo is from being at The Woodbox last weekend - OMG, the prawn and sweetcorn wontons were AMAZING.  Once I'm done with this play, those are next on my list.  Even have a wonton wrapper recipe bookmarked.  Nom nom nom.  

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