11 September 2011

keep it simple, stupid

You know how sometimes you just hanker for something simple for dinner?  I don't mean a packet of 2 minute noodles, but just simple, fresh tastes.  Last weekend we had family staying and were lucky enough that they brought with them a rather large amount of eye fillet.  Needless to say it was on the menu a couple of times last week.  Perfect meal when you need something quick, easy, but still bursting with taste and nutrients.  We coupled it with a good ol' green salad.  Now, you may wonder why I'm blogging about how to make a salad, but never fear - I'm not going to break down how to make one (no one is THAT simple), but just to remind you of their existence.  We tend to forget the humble garden salad over winter, but damn, we shouldn't.  So put away your fancy foods and kitchen contraptions for a night and break out an old school iceberg.  Yum, fresh and leaves you with more time to watch the rugby and pour another wine. 
Nb: Meal is nicely finished off with a spot of custard.  Nom nom nom.   

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