12 February 2010

Gin friday

A few years ago a couple of friends and I (Millie and Vinnes, to be specific; often accompanied by Kush, Rosie and Sophie) started Gin Fridays.  I got malaria about a decade ago, so the tonic (which contains quinine) is good as a preventative measure against relapse (this is true, although at a such a low level as to be next to useless, but we were happy to indulge ourselves).  The truth is, we all like gin and tonic, and I'm still inclined to think it was a fairly original excuse to meet up and have a drink or two.  Certainly more interesting that "it's friday and it's been a long week".  

Anyway, out of respect for these amazing friends I'd like to dedicate today's post to the spirit of Gin Fridays.  Friends getting together not only for a good ol' G&T, but a weekly debrief, a chance to chill out and do something "just 'cause".  I visited a couple of gardens this morning (strange, but true) and was advised by Kate, one of the gardeners, of a use for the very common (but rather hidious-tasting) damson plum...  

Gin and Damson Delight

Mix equal parts of gin and sugar.  Pour over damson plums (in large jar).  Place lid on, put into a cupboard and leave for about three months.  After about three months they're so lovely and sugary-ginny and are amazing with ice-cream.  :) 

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