16 February 2010

Mardi gras

It's mardi gras.  Shrove Tuesday.  Pancake Tuesday.  When we were at school we'd be served pancakes for lunch - the last feast of the sweet little cakes before the 40 days of lenten fasting (well, fasting from frivolous foods such as pancakes).  Nowadays I prefer to make thinner crepes (this recipe is for crepes), but I think the spirit of mardi gras is sufficiently fun-loving not to make an issue out of this.  :) 

Every one knows something about mardi gras - the parties in New Orleans, the masked carnivale of Venice, a day where pancakes are not only tasty but completely guilt-free. 

These crepes are normally served as a sweet, with cream, jam, syrup, whatever.  But if you are looking for a way to integrate them into your dinner proper - make some bolognese sauce, dollop some on, roll it up and voila, crepes bolognese!!  Happy Pancake Day.  xx

Serves 2
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
1 egg
300ml milk
  1. 1.Mix all ingredients.
  2. 2.Fry in pan with butter/oil.
Serve with lemon/sugar; maple syrup, berries etc.

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