07 February 2010

Starting a blog

I've struggled until fairly recently to understand the concept of blogging.  My younger cousin, Gina, started a blog not too long ago and reading that, alongside the odd one on stuff.co.nz, has given me a better understanding of their point.

I love having friends over for dinner, or being at home during holidays, 'cause it means lots of cooking.  I've always loved being in and around the kitchen, from the '80s when Fran and Mutti patiently explained what they were doing, despite my tendancy to be underfoot, to more recent times devouring Annie's raft of foodie magazines and absorbing tips from Franca (Elisa's nonna), despite the fact her instructions came in rapidfire italian. 

Vinnes once suggested I type up all my recipes and make a book.  Maybe one day.  For now I reckon I've found a more time-friendly and option.  Every day or so I'll share a new recipe, either from my kitchen's archives (ie: my computer, since obviously 'my kitchen' represents a myriad of cooking spaces from over the years) or something newly discovered.  So, if my actual kitchen is too far away to come for dinner, welcome to la mia cucina.

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  1. Bravo Alana
    Quelle bonne idée! Je consulterai ton blog tous les jours...